Ketchup With Ya Later

Our Story

Before opening Ketchup With Ya Later John, James, and Chris were just a couple of college buddies that all had finance jobs. After trying that for awhile, they found it just wasn't for them. They all wanted to do something different, to ditch the tie and slacks for a t-shirt and shorts. So, they decided they'd try their hand at something they all loved, food. Ketchup With Ya Later was born.

The guys wanted to provide the highest quality burgers, so they made a pledge to always use beef that is never frozen and always fresh, local, and hormone-free. They never want you to have to compromise between quality and taste. They believe their menu reflects that.

In 2010, the guys opened Ketchup With Ya Later in a small downtown space, 201 W 3rd Ave. After 3 successful years, it was time to move to a larger location. Eventually the guys settled on a place a few blocks away, 132 E. Main St.

Ketchup With Ya Later is all about good times, quality ingredients, and great food. Luckily, you all seem to agree and it seems that the way Ketchup With Ya Later makes the burgers is just the way you like them. How do we know? Ketchup With Ya Later has won Best Burger In The City 5 out of the last 6 years!

If you don't believe that our burger was worth you spending your time and hard earned money in our restaurant, we will do everything we can to make that right.

So come on in, give us a try. I can promise nobody serves up grilled patties and dogs like we do.